"To give and to receive are one in truth."

(ACIM Lesson 108)



when? what? where?
01.06.18 Kopfstand und Inversionen Zollikerberg
13.06.18 Breathing / Pranayama - connect to your life energy Küsnacht ZH
22.06.18 Come fly! - Intro to AcroYoga / Partneracrobatics Feldmeilen
01.07.18 Mindful touch - Intro to Thai Yoga Massage Zollikerberg
07.07.18 Intro to Sivananda Yoga Zollikerberg
coming soon AcroYoga Eltern - Kinder Küsnacht ZH / Feldmeilen
coming soon AcroYoga - Intermediate transitions Feldmeilen
coming soon Thai Yoga Massage - lower back pain Küsnacht ZH / Feldmeilen
coming soon Intro to Archery - Bogenschiessen für Anfänger Maur